Most people consider visiting a Kennesaw dentist to be an extreme sport. However not visiting, in the actual sense of things, is the extreme sport as you leave yourself vulnerable to a wide array of dental diseases and conditions. Taking into consideration the role of the teeth and dentition in appearance and appeal, there is a need for you to play a proactive role in making sure you get the best oral health care. From routine dental appointments to dental cleanings and examinations, you can detect early onsets of dental diseases and attend to them appropriately with help from your dentist.

However, while several people are open to improving their oral and teeth health, there are some habits and practices that have been identified by dentists to have potentials of harming your teeth. While these habits on their own appear harmless, you may invariably be compromising the health of your teeth.

Below are some of the top habits which you should put a stop to in order to promote the health of your teeth:

Nail biting/pen chewing

Some people, when under stressful conditions, whether mentally or physically, resort to biting their fingernails or proceed to chew on their pen. While these activities appear to be harmless and a coping mechanism, in fact, they are indeed harmful to the teeth. Common in both children and adults, engaging in such activities as this increases the chances of having a chipped or broken tooth. In addition to this, you may end up with tooth sensitivity as a result of such habits, and this puts the entire health of your teeth at a compromise. Exposing your teeth to germs in your fingernails may also expose you to greater risks of gum-related diseases.

Eating Ice

Ice eating appears to be fun, especially with the accompanying brain freeze and the cool sensation in the mouth. However, as much as you hate to know this, you may be compromising the health of your teeth this way. While this may appear to be a mindless activity, you are repeatedly exerting pressure against the ice which may cause your teeth either crack, chip, break, or wear away over time.

Chewing gum with sugar

Teeth health demands that you cut down on sugar consumption as bacteria present in plaque and tartar are able to form more acid to compromise the health of the teeth. However, consumption of sugary gums places you at a higher risk. If you must consume gum, it is recommended that you be on the lookout for sugarless gums as anything else is sure to contribute to the buildup of tartar and plaque on your teeth.

Not flossing

Brushing and flossing of the teeth on a daily basis are one of the daily maintenance routines that have been recommended to all for stronger and brighter teeth. However, failure to do this exposes you to certain buildups from food particles that may affect the overall health of your teeth and may also cause bad breath.

Teeth grinding

Teeth grinding may be caused as a result of stress and pressure from work, family, finances and more. However, this is not good for the teeth as it causes wearing away of the teeth. It is recommended that you meet with a therapist to work on ways to improve stress coping mechanisms.

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