Why Choose A Local Dentist?

When searching for a local dentist office in Kennesaw, you’re likely faced with many choices. A quick Google search can reveal dozens of options, all with varying review ratings and distances from you. What you may not realize is that some of these dental offices are owned by corporations as opposed to private individuals.

At first, there may appear to be no difference between the two, especially when a corporate office has a name like “ClearChoice,” but this choice may be anything but. Instead, there’s a clear choice alternative, and that’s working with an independent dentist in Cobb County.

If you just need your teeth cleaned, or are looking for dental implants in Kennesaw, you may not put much thought into who you’re visiting. So why would you visit an independent dentist as opposed to a corporate office? Let’s take a look at the differences.

Independent Dentists

Your dental care needs are unique. As such, you need a dentist that will offer you their time and knowledge to ensure you’re treated with care and respect. Rather than subjecting yourself to a less-than-stellar dental experience at the nearest corporate dentist location, it’s best to work with local dental implant and care specialist instead.

Build Relationships

Much like going to your family doctor, you should feel comfortable and relaxed when you visit the dentist. Independent dentists want to get to know you over the course of each visit so they can better serve you. They do this by taking their time during each appointment, addressing concerns before, during, and after any procedures or even regular teeth cleaning. At a corporate office, you may not be given the chance to develop these relationships as you may see a different dentist every time you visit.

Specialize In Practices And Clients

An independent dentist is free to specialize in invaluable skills that corporate offices simply cannot. We are happy to work with those who have a phobia of dental work, are over the age of 40, or feel shame and embarrassment about the condition of their teeth. 

We offer a comfortable, judgment-free space for patients, no matter how they feel about the dentist.

Tailored Dental Care

Ultimately, working with an independent dentist ensures that the quality of care you receive meets your needs. Private dentists work with you to create an understanding of your unique oral healthcare needs, as well as treatment options that will work best for you. While dental care is not without its costs, an independent dentist is ready to find ways to invest in your smile that don’t cost you a fortune.