Every three months, you should change your toothbrush. West Cobb Dentistry strongly advises replacing old toothbrushes, not only to keep them from hurting your mouth but also to keep them from hurting your whole body. Even though Periodontal Disease has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and other things.

It’s easy to start the good habit of changing your toothbrush by throwing away your old toothbrush after you go on a trip, so do that.

Typical Recommendations

  • Select soft bristles: Soft bristles are better for your gums and teeth in general. Many people don’t like brushes with medium or hard bristles, because they do more harm than good.
  • Select rounded bristles: These words mean that each bristle tip should be “end-rounded,” with no rough edges. This means that each bristle must be smoothed out to avoid hurting gum tissue. This is not the same as the shapes or patterns on the brush head, which can be all kinds of weird and crazy.
    Brush Size: The head of your toothbrush should fit comfortably between your teeth and be able to reach all the surfaces of each tooth. This includes making sure it’s comfortable around your back teeth. If your current brush is causing you problems, it’s likely too big.
  • Handle: Handle designs and shapes can be very different. Selecting a handle is all about what feels right to you. Because you should change your toothbrush every three months, you can play around a little to see what you like. This way, you can find what you like.
  • Pattern and Shape: There are hundreds of different bristle shapes and patterns. There are many things that make one person’s mouth different from another’s, so even though they use the same type of toothbrush they will feel different. Because bristle patterns and shapes feel different to different people, choose the pattern that you like the best to make your hair look its best.
  • Color: Neon green and pink dots or the face of your favorite movie character on your toothbrush aren’t bad. Go for what you like.

The way most people hold their toothbrushes is a little too rough. People at West Cobb Dentistry can help you change the way you grip your teeth. Your gums will be grateful. Schedule your dental checkup today!