Is your smile due for a makeover?

As much as we use them, it’s not surprising that our teeth eventually begin to show the signs of wear and tear. Luckily, veneers offer a simple way to revitalize your smile. Kennesaw, GA, dentists Dr. David Goettee and Dr. Tia Harding of West Cobb Dentistry share a few advantages of veneers.

No extensive dental work

Because veneers are designed to conceal little flaws and imperfections that only affects the fronts of teeth, they don’t require lengthy procedures. In fact, we’ll only need to remove a tiny amount of tooth enamel to ensure that your veneers fit comfortably.

Veneers are thin, tooth-shaped shells commonly made of porcelain, a strong material that looks remarkably like your natural tooth enamel. They’re added to your teeth with dental cement, providing a long-lasting solution to many dental imperfections.

An excellent alternative to teeth whitening

Teeth whitening treatment is very effective but it can’t always provide the dramatic transformation you desire. At best, whitening lightens teeth by three to eight shades. If your teeth are naturally a little yellow, whitening may not make your teeth look white enough. One of the most important benefits of veneers is the ability to pick the exact shade of white you want.

Veneers also conceal discolorations that may affect a few teeth. Dental conditions, childhood use of tetracycline and other issues can darken one or more teeth. Matching a veneer to the color of your unaffected teeth ensures that the discolorations are no longer noticeable.

A simple solution for imperfections

Veneers hide issues that make you feel self-conscious about the way your teeth look. They’re often used to hide uneven surfaces, chips and cracks and close gaps between teeth. Would you like to change the shape or length of your teeth? Crooked, pointed or oddly shaped teeth disappear with the addition of a thin layer of porcelain veneer. If a few of your teeth have shortened due to grinding, veneers can add length. Veneers are very tough, but they can be damaged by grinding. During your visit to our Kennesaw office, we may recommend that you wear a nightguard if you tend to grind your teeth at night.

Why not take advantages of veneers to transform your smile? Call Kennesaw, GA, dentists Dr. David Goettee and Dr. Chase Hall of West Cobb Dentistry at (770) 794-3322 to schedule your appointment.