October 31 officially kicks off the 2021 candy season! When you are evaluating this year’s trick-or-treat haul, keep these tips and tricks in mind for avoiding frightful mishaps to keep your smile healthy.

The worst Halloween candy according to dentists?

  • Anything sticky, such as toffee or caramel, can adhere to teeth even after you’re done chewing. The extra time that sugar spends in your mouth opens the door for bacteria-producing acid that leads to cavities and other oral health problems.
  • Hard candies (think lollipops, candy canes, and rock candy) aren’t far behind on the list of treats to avoid. Not only do they share some of the concerning characteristics of their sticky counterparts, but the temptation to bite down puts your teeth at risk for damage such as tooth fractures.
  • Finally, sour candy leaves more than just a bitter taste in your mouth. The acid that contributes to the sour flavor can weaken tooth enamel and corrode teeth over time.

There’s good news, however, for chocolate lovers. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, offers a healthier alternative to the sticky, sugary candy varieties. Chocolate washes off the surface of your teeth easier than other sweets, and when consumed after meals, the exposure time your teeth have to sugar is significantly reduced.

Don’t forget to brush your teeth and floss and of course, don’t skip that 6 month preventative dental cleaning!

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