If you rarely visit the dentist, it is not uncommon for a lot of things to go wrong with the teeth. It could be root canal infections, cavities, chips, and a host of problems. That is why it is imperative that you’re not skipping the scheduled dental appointment. The Kennesaw dentist that you’re working with will be able to identify potential problems before getting out of hand. Before you consider replacing your natural teeth, here are some of the reasons why you should save them.


It goes without saying that saving your natural teeth will be the safest option. There will always be risks and complications with any medical procedure and a dental implant is no exception. With tooth extraction, there is the risk of excessive bleeding, adjacent teeth moving, sinus perforation, and infections. There is the chance that the infection from the teeth could spread to other parts of the body thus leading to serious health problems. A good dentist will recommend saving natural teeth whenever possible and only opt for an extraction when there is no other solution.

Extraction is Painful

A tooth extraction will not require anesthesia unless it is completely necessary. Since the tooth has grown down deep down your gums, the dentist might not have any other option but to crack it. The majority of dental patients admit that going through a root canal is far more painful than teeth filling.

Saves You Money

If you look at the rates of tooth filling and extraction, the latter might appear less expensive but that is not always the case. In order to fully understand how much you’ll be expected to pay, you’ll need to understand the additional expenses that come with a tooth extraction. For your teeth to feel and function normally, you might need dental implants or dentures in order to replace the gap. There are also additional costs involved with maintenance. You should look at it from a holistic perspective before dismissing everything.

Maintain Your Smile

When you remove your tooth, there is the risk of the remaining teeth becoming misaligned. Your teeth will shift naturally in order to try and fill the gap. Even if there are ways of filling the gaps, you might experience problems talking or chewing food.

Choosing the Best Dental Practice

Working with a great dentist will come in handy when you’re on the fence. Such a dentist will look at the different treatment options available and recommend the best one depending on your needs. Maintaining your natural teeth is easy and you don’t have to feel awkward in the mouth. At West Cobb Dentistry, you can get to enjoy the best there is in dental technology in a safe and comfortable environment. Our staff will ensure that you’re feeling at home right from the moment you walk through our doors. We believe in empowering our patients with the right information so that they’re making the best decisions for their oral health. For more information, you can check out https://westcobbdentistry.com/

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