What Are Composite Fillings?

Almost everyone will get a cavity eventually. Even if you brush and floss and see the dentist for checkups, cavities can still happen. Everything from the foods you eat to your unique genetic makeup may increase your chances of getting a cavity. At West Cobb Dentistry, we’re experts in the early detection and treatment of cavities using composite fillings.

Did you know that for decades, dentists relied on mercury amalgam (silver) fillings to repair teeth affected by cavities. While silver fillings are still used today, there is now a better option: composite fillings. Made from an eco-friendly quartz-like material, composite fillings are a great alternative to silver fillings.

Our Approach to Composite Fillings

At West Cobb Dentistry, we take a proactive and high-tech approach to your dental health.

First, we’ll use high-tech dental imaging technology to identify any possible areas of decay. Then we’ll talk to you about your options for restoring your tooth — often with the help of a composite filling. Here’s how it works:

  • To help you relax we gently numb the area around the tooth or teeth
  • Remove the decay and as little of your natural tooth as possible
  • Build up the composite filling and match the color to your natural tooth
  • Smooth and polish the filling and make sure it properly aligns with your bite
  • That’s it! Most composite fillings take less than an hour to complete.

For more information on composite white fillings or to schedule an appointment, call West Cobb Dentistry at (770) 794-3332.

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