Dental implants have quickly become popular amongst people who are missing teeth thanks to the amazing results they provde. A dental implant procedure involves the insertion of a tiny titanium post into the jaw where a dental crown can be later attached to replace a missing tooth. Here at West Cobb Dentistry, your professional Kennesaw dentist, we would like to discuss some of the benefits of dental implants and why they have become a popular choice for tooth replacement.

A Natural-Looking Smile

Dental implants provide a natural look and match perfectly with your natural teeth. The titanium post is fixed surgically into the jawbone and creates a permanent foundation for the tooth crown. After a couple of months, the implant will fuse completely with the jaw and provide a natural feeling like any other tooth. Thanks to many advancements in technology you can now enjoy dental implants installed on the very same day, enabling you to get the smile you dreamed of in just a matter of hours. 

A Permanent Solution for Tooth Replacement

Dental implants provide a permanent solution for people who are missing teeth in contrast to other options for tooth replacement. With proper care and cleaning, dental implants can last more than 15 years. With other tooth replacement options like removable dentures, you are required to replace the denture every few years. While the cost of dental implants is higher compared to other tooth replacement options, dental implants provide a more affordable solution in the long run.

A Natural Support for Surrounding Teeth

Thanks to the procedure required to insert the implant, the surrounding teeth are not damaged or affected. Since a dental implant is surgically fixed into the jaw, any stress is eliminated from the surrounding teeth. With other tooth replacement options, the surrounding teeth act as support and with time the surrounding teeth can weaken and decay. 

Protects Your Jaw Bone From Bone Loss

Whenever you lose a tooth it is highly important that the missing space is filled as it can lead to more complex dental conditions including jaw bone loss. Jaw malformations can result in areas where teeth are missing and can also affect the shape of your face. With the ability to obtain same-day dental implants, the jaw can be stabilized and further dental problems can be avoided.

Carefree Cleaning

Your dental implant does not require any special cleaning procedures as they can be cleaned the same way you clean your natural teeth. In comparison, other teeth replacement options require daily maintenance and some require soaking during the night. With good oral hygiene, dental implants will last a very long time and allow you to have a beautiful smile. 

In order to learn more about dental implants and all the benefits related to dental implants, please visit the following link At West Cobb Dentistry, your satisfaction is our number one priority that is why we only use the latest technology to help you achieve a beautiful smile.

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