We all know that teeth should be cared for from the moment they start erupting. No matter in which stage of child’s growth your son or daughter is, a good oral hygiene is something that should be encouraged. Believe it or not, parents must be prudent about their children’s dental decisions. If these dental decisions are not taken properly, these can have a negative effect and  impact for years to come. To avoid this bring your children to West Cobb dentistry. The best Kennesaw dentist.

Working with children throughout the years, we have had hundreds of parents in our clinic asking different questions about their children’s teeth health. We would like to share some of the questions we are frequently asked and the answers we have given:

Why are my child’s teeth growing in decay?

This is not a very common case but if this is happening, it is because the baby has been falling asleep while he/she is being breastfed. Or maybe the baby is just falling asleep with his/her milk bottle in his mouth. But what is the relationship between this and tooth decay? Well, the emerging teeth are continuously bathed by milk which contains sugar. Since erupting teeth are very susceptible, they start decaying since the beginning. A significant benefit against this problem can be Homeopathic treatments.

Even Though my children’s teeth will fall out, is it important to still treat decay?

Yes, this is very important because if decay teeth are not treated properly, the child can suffer from toothache and an abscess can be produced causing pain. Children’s front teeth will usually be placed until six or seven years of age. Did you know these teeth are responsible for proper speech development? Well, if children have decay front teeth and they have to be extracted, definitely this will affect the way they speak. And not only this but if front teeth are extracted due to decay, the permanent molars will move forward, blocking the space needed for the new teeth to grow. To avoid orthodontics and other issues, you should treat decay teeth as soon as they appear.

Why is my child’s permanent front teeth growing with white spots?

White spots on teeth start appearing as a result of ingesting too much fluoride. About 30-40% of children have this problem nowadays. There is an interference between fluoride and collagen production. These spots are visible on teeth but they don’t appear exclusively on them. Too much fluoride can have other negative systematic consequences.

At what age should a child start visiting the dentist?

Studies have shown that a correct age to start visiting the dentist is at the age of 3. Children can come for a tooth polishing, ride in the chair, squirt the water etc. This will make it a fun experience making the child feel comfortable and safe. Of course if there is a prior problem, you should immediately take him or her to the dentist.

If my child has a cavity, should I be concerned about the materials being used to restore the teeth?

Yes, NEVER allow the dentist use silver filling in your child’s teeth. These filling containing half mercury which as we all know, it is dangerous for human ́s health. Instead ask the dentist to use a tooth- colored composite filling.

As you can see, parents have all kinds of questions regarding their children’s teeth. It is very important as parents to ask if any doubt arises. West Cobb Dentistry is your best option when it comes to your child’s dental care. Call us today or visit our website https://westcobbdentistry.com and learn more about our customized dental service.

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