Pregnancy is a wonderful thing for so many people. However, the hormone changes can cause tooth decay and gum disease to progress and happen much quicker in pregnant women compared to those who are not. A Kennesaw dentist lets us in on some great tips and tricks to reduce the chances of having gum decay or disease happen while pregnant, as well as for those women who are thinking of becoming pregnant in the near future. Plan ahead and have better oral care than ever. 

Routine Dental Care

As soon as you realize or know that you are pregnant, it is vital to speak with your dentist about a plan. Your dental health is important during this time, and receiving the proper routine dental care is essential. 

Your dental team can come up with a care plan that helps you maintain healthy teeth and gums during and after the pregnancy to reduce any issues that may arise. Dental treatments are best to have done during the second trimester while refraining from having them done in the first and towards the end of the third. 


Avoid X-rays if possible, because this radiation can be harmful to the unborn baby. Sometimes, dental X-rays are required for dental emergencies but dental professionals are good at protecting both mom and baby if they feel these X-rays are necessary.

Keep Up Your Own Routine

Brushing twice a day and flossing at least once should be done to ensure that your teeth and gums remain as healthy as possible. If you notice that your gums are swollen, painful, or bleeding excessively, it is important to speak with your dental professional regarding the treatment plan that can help to reduce these symptoms. 

This also includes taking the prenatal vitamins you’re given, as well as keeping up with the proper nutrition. This will keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Morning Sickness and Oral Health

Some women experience serious morning sickness. The acid from the vomit can sometimes wear down the enamel and cause further issues with your teeth and gums. However, if you brush after, this can cause further damage when it mixes with the acid. It is best to rinse with water right after and then brush after a half hour or so to reduce the amount of damage the acid is doing to the teeth.

If the taste of the toothpaste causes you to feel sick, use a bland-tasting toothpaste. Ensure that it has fluoride in it. This can strengthen the enamel, especially when you are getting sick a decent amount of time.

Speak with Your Dental Professional Today

It is important to reach out when you are pregnant, are trying to get pregnant, or notice any issues with your dental health. With the professionals at West Cobb Dentistry, you can find that our professionals are standing by and able to provide the help required. The company feels strongly about the dental help they offer to every patient they see. Call them today to schedule an appointment to come in and be seen.

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